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Not new to Invader Zim at all, but switching is fun

Ok, I was a member of invader_zim ever since I got obsessed with the series, but now that place is going downhill more than it ever was before. I need a place where I can talk about things and other people can talk about things without being critizied or flamed for what they like. This place has a mod/mods and that's what is needed to keep peace.

I probably know a few of you from the other community which will make me feel very welcome. I never really wanted to leave the other community, but sadly the last few posts were the last straw for me. I'm sure i'll be more than happy being part of this place :)
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Welcome! The other place sure makes it obvious it's unmodded, eh? This place is quieter, but it's quieter...
*sighs in contentment* Yes, quieter is much better than arguing :)
Isn't that kinda like letting them win by leaving though? =/ Seriously, some of those people just suck, but I simply laugh at thier stupidity or roll my eyes and move on. In other news, welcome.
You're right, in a way it is, but also there is just so much of the stupidity certain people can take. The community never being modded anymore just never helped matters.

Thanks for the welcome :)